Tiffany English

Tiffany English

21 June 2022, 04:00 AM

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Helping people and businesses reach their full potential runs through my DNA. For over 15 years I have built and expanded businesses with a focus on operations and strategy. In my experience, I have found that businesses thrive when their people do.

Holding Executive Management roles across a plethora of industries, I have seen capacity be an issue for many businesses. Often hard-working and talented staff become burnt out leading to loss of morale, inefficiency and ultimately a down-turn in business profitability.

The core issues for these businesses were always the same, a loss in productivity and a loss of connection. I realised that for businesses to reduce waste and accelerate their growth they needed two things:

1. To streamline business operations through automation

2. Find the right team, with the right skillset and mindset.

This realisation led to the creation of Access Offshoring, an organisation dedicated to taking a human approach, designing and developing a unique solution tailored to the needs of a business. By sourcing and deploying the right fit for the team complete business transformation can be achieved.

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