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You Are Not Your Firms Logo: Career Advice For The Next Wave Of Accounting Leadership

A talk by Tyler Caskey
Partner, TheBeanCounters

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We are what we do, not who we worked for. - How to break away from being pocketed to one industry or role. - How to talk with recruiters and HR advisors about your career history. - How to hunt the job you want. - How I changed jobs to improve my salary and industry experience.

Accounting is simple. You can learn any business inside and out in 6 months.

No matter if you trained at PWC, Deloitte or Tom's 2 people accounting firm in the last suburb of can add value to the right business with enough effort and intelligence.

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Tyler Caskey

Partner at TheBeanCounters. We take the risk out of system change and help businesses improve their finance and IT functions.

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